BabyBond - Upgrade portable bottle warmer.

A huge amount of bottle warmer could be chosen in today's world. Most of them adopt 3 methods to heat the milk, including adding water heating, steam heating, and bottom heating.

These 3 methods have the usual problems :

Need to add water, easy to create tidy. hard to wash. not really convenient.

Then, these bottle warmers need to connect with power, if you need to have a picnic or car travel, you have to warm the milk by the hook.

BabyBond upgrade bottle warmer is here, can't wait to help your family.

Fast and Simple to Use, different from traditional heating method just screw bottle directly into unit or fit with the appropriate adapter could easily achieve milk warmer. You just need to gently wipe it with a wet cloth and finished cleaning. BTW even a baby's sister or brother could use it and help you.

With BabyBond upgrade 10000mAh battery operation, supporting 6-8 times to heat, that means you could enjoy joyful travel with no need to worry baby's hungry.

2mins quick heat helps you smooth your baby's mood.

We giveaway a milk storage box, you could prepare milk used for short travel.

BabyBond creat supplies from our heart to your hand and hope to support you at every stage.


How freaking cool is that!!! I just had to pack ours in a bag when my kid went to her grandparents.

Emma Smith April 25, 2022

I wish I had one of these when my kids were younger. Would make life much easier!

Casey Stanke April 14, 2022

Looks like a great product! Essentials needed 🙂

Melissa Taylor April 14, 2022

OH wow! Super cute bottle warmer! I am putting it to the list for future babe!

Karina Long April 14, 2022

Ooohh will definitely put this down for future baby 👍🏾 😊

Kelsey April 14, 2022

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