At BabyBond we understand the importance a strong support network can have on both parents and children. It makes all the difference to the healthy development of both you and your child when you are surrounded with the love and support of people that care.

In today’s world the need for support is more important than ever. Our founder had first-hand experience supporting her sister and niece when times get tough during the pandemic, helping her realise the pressures and tribulations today’s working and at home mothers alike are facing. The world needs a modern brand to navigate the challenges parents face today. Our story gets personal, although not having the history in the marketplace, we do have the experiences and understanding to know what it feels like to be helpless when things get tough. This experience extends beyond just parents, but to family and friends, all those in your support network who would do anything to show they care.

BabyBond was developed from this story, a baby brand for the modern family. Our products have one goal: to support you and your child at every stage. We looked at products on the market and asked ourselves what we could do to make them safer and simpler, how can we increase their functionality to ensure you’re getting more value, and most importantly how can we get these products into you and your little one’s hands so we can support you both from the day you need it.

BabyBond team is at the heart of building a connection with your child. A bond built from love and affection is a bond that lasts their lifetime, and we’re here to help make that journey together more meaningful. As they flourish and grow into their own bodies, BabyBond is there to be a part of that, providing them with the tools they need to learn and succeed on their own, with you by their side.

It takes a village, and we just joined the community.