BabyBond Portable Bottle Warmer FAQS

Recently we received many letters from our customers about bottle warmer.

First, we really appreciate your support BabyBond, here are some main questions, we centralized answer them this time:

Q1. Do you need a bottle warmer?
A: Like lots of things about parenting, whether or not you need a bottle warmer comes down to a matter of personal preference.If you're breastfeeding at first, or your baby has a strong preference for hot milk, that means you need it.

Q2: How to use the BabyBond Bottle warmer?

A:1. Choose an adapter that fit your bottle

2. Connect the bottle to the bottle warmer

Make sure tightening is done in the previous steps

3. Reverse the machine

4. Long press the "+" to power on and power off

5. Press "+" or "-" to adjust the temperature

6. Waiting for about 2 minutes

Q3: What‘s the best temperature for warm milk?

A:1. Babies are the most critical and fragile development period for human development. The best temperature for drinking milk is around 98℉. Because the baby's spleen and stomach organs and digestive system are very fragile, this temperature will not harm the baby's metabolism.

2. If the temperature of the milk exceeds 98℉, it is too hot for the baby, and it is easy to damage the baby's oral mucosa, affect the baby's appetite, and destroy the original digestive system.

3. If the temperature of milk is less than 98℉, the baby's spleen and stomach will be cold, which will easily lead to stomach cold and indigestion, which will affect the baby's normal nutrient absorption. Therefore, it is recommended that the milk temperature be around 98℉.

Q4:How do you warm the milk when are you travel?

Using BabyBond bottle warmer,10000mAh battery capacity of the rechargeable baby bottle warmer could last 30-40minutes (could use 6-8 times to heat) after a full charge (about 3 hrs.).Use it anywhere, anytime when the baby needs warm milk.

Q5: How to clean BabyBond bottle warmer?

Just use a wet cloth and wipe it carefully, easy to finish cleaning.



How to turn it off

Nissan Gielet L. Macaspac April 25, 2023

Urgh where was this when Rylie was a baby 😭 so handy!!

Meri Kris April 25, 2022

Omg I need one! Every time I’m out my bottles go cold and then I have to give Hux a cold bottle and he hates that! How good is this!!

Varshini April 25, 2022

That’s cool! I rarely use the bottle in public, but honestly it changed my mind

Sonia Olivas April 25, 2022

Whew I needed this when my babies were little. Definitely gifting this at the next time

Bhagya Sree April 25, 2022

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