BabyBond Swing hope to be your baby fist inter-season ride

For all new parents, the happiest thing is to see the baby smile, and the most annoying thing is naturally the baby constantly crying. In addition to patience and love, parents may need a baby swing to soothe a crying baby.


At BabyBond swing have one goal: to support you and your child. We looked at products on the market and asked ourselves what we could do to make them safer and simpler, how can we increase their functionality to ensure you’re getting more value, and most importantly how can we get these products into you and your little one’s hands so we can support you both from the day you need it.

Our product department devotes a long time to create this functional baby swing:

Baby's safety is the first thing we will consider, BabyBond is equipped with an advanced 5-point safety belt, this compact baby swing for infants can FIRMLY fix your baby to prevent falling down and ensure the baby’s safety.

About entertain part, BabyBond swings with 5 speed, which means many choices to suit your sweet baby. 10 music pieces (from Bach to Mozart & Famous nursery rhymes)and 2 plush toys to soothe your baby. OMG soft mat & comfort swing & light music & afternoon sunshine, and lovely joyful baby, It would be most warm scenes.

We are deeply aware: "convenient""convenient" "convenient" is the most important thing for the new parent. our swing with 3 timer function ((8/15/30 minutes). In daily life, there are lots to do, and the less standing in your way, the better. Time up, swing stop, you won't suspend your own thing to off it. That's amazing, all right?

Howard Joel Wolowitz, the character of “big bang theory”. He said which man will refuse '‘Bluetooth’?hh, we are here, our baby swing could be controlled by phone via Bluetooth. come on guys don't miss it!

IMD Touch Display ? that‘s must essential. Advanced IDM touch technology, including power on/off,  swing speed, timer function, music change, volume adjustment...

This our first sale only 100 in stock don't miss it!BabyBond hopes to support you!


Seriously I need this 👏👏

Cherry April 25, 2022

This is such a great design to have, lovely ❤️

Arianna Rojas April 25, 2022

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