BabyBond Retractable Mesh Baby Extra Wide Gate,33" Tall,Large Extends up to 118" Wide

$55.99 USD

Effortless Jumping over Footings: Say goodbye to cumbersome spacers! With our Wall Slider Baby Gate, you can effortlessly jump over footings fixed to the wall by simply sliding the specially designed slider behind. Its flexibility eliminates the need for additional spacers, streamlining installation and saving you precious time.

Adjustable Cloth Tightness: We understand that every home and situation is unique. That's why our baby gate comes with an adjustable cloth tightness feature. You can easily customize the gate's tension to ensure a perfect fit, giving you peace of mind knowing that your child is safely confined within their designated area.

Hidden Unlocking Mechanism: Safety is paramount, and we've incorporated a hidden unlocking mechanism into our Wall Slider Baby Gate. This advanced mechanism ensures that the gate remains securely locked, providing a strong barrier against curious little hands. Rest assured, accidental openings are a thing of the past.

Easy Retraction and Storage: Convenience meets functionality with our baby gate's retractable design. When not in use, simply retract and take down the gate effortlessly. Its compact size allows for easy storage, making it ideal for those who value space-saving solutions.

Extra-Wide Protection: We've extended the boundaries of child safety with our Wall Slider Baby Gate, providing an impressive 3-meter span of extra-wide protection. This means it's perfect for large living rooms and expansive spaces, allowing your child to play freely within the spacious confines of the living area instead of being confined to a smaller room.

Double Locks for Added Security: Our baby gate features a double lock system, ensuring independent and reliable locking mechanisms. With just a simple adjustment, you can shape the gate to fit your specific needs while ensuring it remains securely locked. The gate's unlocking mechanism is designed not to spring back, providing you with peace of mind.


Model: BB1010
Name: 3m extra wide door bar
Color: black, white, gray
Size: 86*300cm(33*118inches)
Net weight: 2.25kg, accessories 0.3kg
Weight capacity: 210lbs
Material: plastic part: ABS + POM + PC iron tube door bar, spring, ABS tube, polyester mesh with PVC plastic coating layer
Accessories: screws, expansion bolts, screwed pieces, 3M adhesive, adjusting screws, ties