U Shaped Educational Toothbrush Kids

$29.90 USD

Warranty Policy: 30-day return policy, 6 months warranty time, sign up upgrade 1 year warranty time.

The brush head is soft and comfortable: the U-shaped brush head is made of food-grade liquid silicone, which can wrap the gums 360° and feel comfortable to brush. Each PBT soft brush head has more than 10,000 high-density bristles of 0.08 mm, which are softer than ordinary nylon bristles, not easy to lose hair and mold, and can effectively protect children's gums.

3 cleaning modes with timer: Good Morning/Good Night/Massage (press button to switch modes). Equipped with 45s intelligent timing (after you have brushed for 45s, there is a gear memory function, which saves you the time to switch modes), which is a complete brushing cycle recommended by dentists, which can effectively cultivate children's brushing habits.

IPX7 Waterproof: With IPX7 waterproof seal design, it can be washed with water directly after brushing, simple and convenient, you can enjoy brushing easily and safely even in the shower.

Let kids fall in love with brushing teeth: The comfortable handle is specially designed for children's small hands, and with an anti-slip function, it is easy for children to grasp. Cartoon dinosaur handle, very popular with children.

Long-lasting battery life: Built-in rechargeable battery, low power consumption, 30 days of use after 2 hours of charging, reducing the trouble of frequent charging.